October 24, 2023, 02:32

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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Surely y’al have heard of ADHD?! My ex-husband Judy, spent a great deal of time telling me this disorder did not truly exist and preferred instead to call me a space cadet! Turns out, it’s actually autism; we have learned in recent years autism and ADHD go hand-in-hand. When a person is hypersensitive to the environment around them it becomes difficult to weed through it all and identify a focal point, we instead try to focus on everything all at once. If, when in the presence of an autistic person you come to feel as if they’re reading your mind, ask yourself this question, are all things energy? Including thought?
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Based on the current science, would you agree that all energy is measurable or readable? If you answered yes to the previous two questions then you must assume even your own thought is a measurable energy. In fact, when connected to an MRI or CT machine, radiologists can ascertain if you are having a thought, and depending on which region of the brain this thought is coming from, they can offer a best a guess as to what your brain might be thinking about. The more they study the brain, the more accurate their guesses become.

For an autistic person, we aren’t reading your mind, we can hear the sounds your brain makes when it thinks! After years of being immersed in the surrounding environment, an aspie brain begins to piece together the meanings behind the changes in frequency we hear, it is not mind-reading, it’s energy reading. Autism, is it a superpower or a super disorder?!
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Here’s the issue I have with both of these “disorders” specifically ADHD, it’s not a disorder, and at this point, it’s far more normal than it is abnormal and they both deserve a reclassification; and if that happens in the DSM-VI, y’al remember, you heard it here first. Quickly allow me to explain the difference between a disorder and a syndrome; a disorder is an irregularity, disturbance, or interruption of normal functions. A syndrome is a recognizable complex of symptoms and physical findings which indicate a specific condition for which a direct cause is not necessarily understood. (

  1. Disorder- Classifying an autistic or hypersensitive person as one who has a disorder implies said person is not normal. We might not be normal in comparison to you but for us, we operate at our level of normal, always. We will never be normal, as we were born differently. So I personally would like for y’al to stop trying to cram us into a “normal” box. You can drug us, hospitalize us, therapize us, or any other manner of things, and it won’t change our biology.
  2. Syndrome- A recognizable complex of symptoms… which indicate a specific condition. Sums it up.

Autism spectrum is sufficient for those of us who fall in the aspie category. And Attention-Deficit Syndrome or Ads versus ADHD will be sufficient for those of us who fall in the hyper-focus category.

Allow me to provide the best written example I could think of; Push all the buttons to experience life with Ads!

Shew! I can imagine that was pretty frustrating, trust me, I fully get it.

Now, try and perceive it this way; You are reading this page, trying to get through all the buttons when simultaneously and without warning a flashing red box appears in the bottom right corner of the screen, it’s urgent! This weeks sale–the same as last week’s sale, the same as last month’s–is ending in 2hrs and 57minutes; so sayeth the countdown timer! And then, from up above, appears a banner, you better hurry, Google found you more facts about that random thing you googled two hours ago. (How did they know?, you think to yourself) And again, before you can finish reading Google’s ad, from the top left, covering the sidebar, appears another one, oh never mind, someone has messaged you on snapstagram-book, you dismiss it; and immediately in its place the latest seasons fashion catalog is out, which is so funny because you just thought of it last night! (How did they know?, you think again to yourself.) Oh snap, in the top right, as if by magic, the trailer to your favorite show is available and begins to play automatically. At the same time in the bottom middle of the screen, you are reminded to get a car insurance quote and save yourself a bagillion dollars per month or whatever. And now, just as your show trailer finishes playing, in the bottom left a sweet little kitty appears, and she needs you to make a donation to the Humane Society, so all the puppies and kitties can live! And of course, the website you are on has decided to take this time to ask you to sign up for their newsletter, dead center, in the middle of the page. You snap back to reality, and you recall you are reading this article, but yet again have forgotten what you’ve read, now that’s ads ladies and gentlemen!

Attention Deficit Syndrome; ads; ADS. Created by us–us meaning humans. The reason millions suffer with ads is because our environment only allows for a few minutes of our focus before it completely switches the story-line, causing our focus to be reset in order to understand the new information. Conditioning at its finest; precisely as George Orwell predicted in his 1949 bestselling novel, 1984.
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Remember, you heard it hear first!