All that is found on this website will challenge EVERYTHING we thought we knew, about everything.

There are other linguists out there who have put pieces of this great mystery back together. I encourage you to do your own research but do so carefully, God will give you The Truth if you ask (Matthew 7:7-12). The difficulty comes when God’s Truth does not align with what is now held as common belief, like when God tells you one thing and you look it up on google to confirm and are greeted with a stark contradiction.

Currently we are programmed to believe all that siri or google tells us to believe, it is very difficult to break this way of thinking. God Is Knowledge, google is not. This is what got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden.

If you are intrigued and want to do your own walk back to Origin, I encourage you to trek forward with caution, misunderstandings and misuse have the potential to be categorically detrimental to oneself as well as others, I will provide more historical examples in a future lesson. For now, consider this; Jesus’ mother Mary, was she a virgin or was she Origin?

The word Origin is written something like this; ‘V’”O”’I”ri’’G’in”V, it is pronounced exactly the same. The angels, or capital letters you will see in nearly all Origin words, they are there to guide your mouth, eyes, and ears. At first I found them intimidating and obtrusive; the more I learn, the more I appreciate them. If they existed in modern English writing, dyslexia would not exist.

The angels in the word ‘V’”O”’I”ri’’G’in’ are V and I. ‘V’ drives the sound of the letter ‘O’ down making it smaller as in the word ‘or’. (The following “letters” are always written as capitals H, O, T, CH. The remaining letters are always written in lowercase. I will explain more in our lesson about sounds.) ‘I’ is called a gate. It always follows the letter ‘O’ and the angel ‘Ⓚ’. THE ANGELS IN WRITING ARE SILENT! Their purpose, again, is to guide your mouth.

If Mary is in fact an ‘V’”O”’I”ri’’G’in”V’ woman as God Has Said she is, can you begin to understand why you must proceed with caution? I don’t think we were entirely lied to; I think, in large part, the errors were a best guess at translating something, whomever, had no business or authority to translate. Don’t steal scribbles from scribes is the lesson there! (Jeremiah 23:30)

I will share with you the tools I am using to assist you in your own research, for all who dare;

-Several versions of the Bible
-Webster’s Dictionary
-Roget’s Thesaurus
-Chamber’s etymology dictionary
-Vine’s Expository dictionary of old and new testament words
-Translation dictionaries from the following languages; Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Latin, Scottish, Gaelic, Olde English, Spanish, Sanskrit, and multiple Native North and South American languages (God led me to these)
-Hauptman’s Cruel and Unusual Puns
-Blue and red ink pens

God will not likely guide you to use the internet for your research or studies, just fyi.

Feel free to call me crazy, mentally unstable, a heretic, and all the other colorful things you can think of, life has adequately prepped me for this. If I am crazy, I was made just so, and have decided to apply how God Made me to God’s Words.

God called me the Linguist, and when He Did, my whole life suddenly made sense. If you have a better idea of what my job should look like, by all means, do share.