the End Times

Don’t ask me when these things will happen, maybe they are just warnings. There’s always Time to return to Him.

Headlines of the future repeated past.

When the event occurs it will be highlighted in green.

8/26/23 *sometime around 01:30

A massive explosion in Louisville, KY exposes this gateway city’s darkest secrets

Wildfires continue to plague the mid-west as the U.S. considers a new anthem, ‘Blame Canada(11/08/23 – Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri are on fire)

The U.N.’s attempt at another global lock-down backfires into war

Putin assassinates members of his inner circle for revealing Russia’s ancient alliance with the UAE

UK’s devastation at the unexpected loss of a monarch leaves them rocked and vulnerable

8/27/23 15:05

Guess we will never know what the Vatican was hiding after suffering the greatest loss since Alexandria

Should we be concerned about what just happened at CERN?


NORTH CAROLINA, go on and raise up, take your shirt off, and get prepared for the worst hurricane the world has ever seen

Climate change scientists are baffled as 6ft of snow blankets the south east, welcome to the age of ice

With recorded suicide on the rise, live stream bans take a front seat

9/1/23 20:29

The world finally learns what our ancestors did without the internet

9/2/23 16:48

Covid vaccines appear to be the cause in the recent boom in SIDS deaths (01/09/24 – scientists searching for cause in rise in sudden child deaths)

9/8/23 20:29

In the wake of the ISS disaster, space scientists are hit with a shock wave of uncertainty surrounding space travel

9/12/23 00:36

The Great Migration; a vast array of wildlife begins migrating from Southern zones 8-12 to more moderate zones 5 & 6


Marine biologists warn all to stay out of the Pacific Ocean after the discovery of a strange, deadly bacteria


A glitch leading to nearly $8 Trillion in total losses has investors wanting answers and their money back

9/14/23 12:41

The waters are returning to the world’s deserts

9/18/23 12:24

Murder-Suicide on the rise with many parents deciding the world is too cruel to raise kids in (2/21/24 – Just watch the news…)

This celebrity’s suicide has many in Hollywood questioning the price of fame

9/28/23 21:41

‘Phantom Storms’, a new meteorological phrase arises as storms seemingly appear out of nowhere all over the World

9/09/23 02:30

There’s a fungus among us, a real infectious mind-bender, as it turns out, zombies do exist

11/20/23 08:26

It’s a bird. It’s an asteroid. It’s… all the satellites we’ve sent into space crashing down to Earth.

2/21/24 00:09

Great, now we’ve woken the beasts…