Polytheism in Christianity: Oxymoron or Truth Bomb?

Wednesday, January 3, 2024, 12:28

Hey y’al! Sorry for my infrequent posting, I am suffering from overwhelming despondency and also running from God a little. I’m just telling on myself, maybe some of you can relate. God my King, please forgive me.

Alright so polytheism within christianity, wait a minute, I hear you thinking, christians only believe in one God, right?

Christians will tell you they only believe in one God, the truth is, little has changed since the days before the crusades. It is relatively easy to prove this, as always I encourage you to pull out your Bible, pull up your favorite search engine (I recommend LibreWolf, but what do I know..) and do your own research as you read this article. Let’s dive in.

Here’s a question for you; name one christian (*cough* pagan) holiday/festival that is dedicated to God alone? I’ll wait…

All holidays and festivals celebrated within the christian religions are transpositions of Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Druid, Celtic, Gaelic, Sumerian, and Hindi festivals of old. If we had time, I would show you the similarities within all these former religions, this comparison is called comparative mythology and you can learn more about that >>here<< or check out this intriguing video from the beginning of the movie Zeitgeist !

There are 7 festivals or appointed times that God Himself has Told us we as believers are to uphold, they are;

  • Passover
  • The Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • The Feast of First Fruits
  • The Feast of Weeks
  • The Feast of Trumpets
  • The Day of Atonement
  • The Feast of Tabernacles (The Feast of Booths)

These feasts, these Holy Days, were appointed by God as days to celebrate God and His unending protection, provision, and guidance for His People.

As a member of a christian institution do you celebrate any of these Holy Days? No. Your festivals are in large part dedicated to the life and works of Jesus, the human man, who was chosen by God to bring you the Word of God just as the prophets before him. God Allowed his death because we misinterpreted the message as ‘Jesus is God’, and millions upon millions have worshiped him. Idolatry. God HATES idolatry. I’ll keep saying it until it sinks in.

Now to the saints… For our purposes I will only be loosely discussing the sainthood of the 12 disciples, at some point man began granting sainthood to all great teachers of their time.

Saints, we don’t get to judge, only God Can Do that. To grant sainthood is to judge the merit of a man or woman. Maybe they were good people on the outside, but we can’t truly know the measure of their hearts.

The story of the ‘son of man’ aka the sun, yes the giant shining light in the daytime sky, a tale as old as time, the reason we are not to personify any part of God’s Creations (please take a fresh look at the Fine Print), because we get confused and end up worshiping men who are not God.

God has only ever given us the story of the stars in the sky. He Explains it to the prophet in a way they can understand and the language of the time permits. With the story of the saints, or the disciples, God is Explaining the passage of time through the constellations. He is Helping us to understand the world around us through a story. God Loves to Tell us stories; He Loves when we ask Him to Explain anything and everything, it’s His Favorite. He Will Tell you whatever you want to know, as Jesus tried to explain with his ask, seek, knock, sermon found in the book of Matthew.

Take a look at the following chart of some of the ancient mythologies;

NameDate of BirthCountry of OriginBirth StoryDisciplesPerformed MiraclesOther Similarities
Horus12.25EgyptVirgin Birth12YesEastern Star
3 Kings
Teacher at 12
Baptized at 30
Buried for 3 days
Attis12.25GreeceVirgin Birthn/aYesCrucified
Buried 3 days
Krishnan/aIndiaVirgin Birth12YesEastern Star
Buried 3 days
Dionysus12.25GreeceVirgin Birthn/aYesKing of Kings
Alpha and Omega
Mithra12.25PersiaVirgin Birth12YesBuried 3 days
Sunday was worship day

See anything familiar?

God is Telling us the story of the sun’s movement through the 12 main constellations. When we personify God’s stories we end up worshiping “people” that don’t exist instead of The Creator Himself, Who Is alive and well.

We have taken the constellations, given them human names, granted them sainthood, and pray to them to bring us bountiful harvest and rain, to protect our kids in times of trouble, to provide warmth during winter, to guide us home when we are away. We have told versions of their stories over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. STOP DOING THAT! Pray to God fools.

Few pray to God, many pray to Jesus yet can’t understand it is your praying to Jesus that got him killed in the first place. You killed Jesus. We killed Jesus. (Allow me to foreshadow a greater truth, Jesus Christ as you know him is the anti-christ, the man Yeshua predicted who would come and promise peace and love but would bring war and bloodshed. Look around; we’ll talk about this another day, y’al ain’t ready…)

There is one God, christianity in all its forms, is polytheism, and quite literally is killing us all. Don’t take my word for it, like I said in the beginning, do your own research OR I highly recommend asking God yourself. Google is not your god, and if you want to keep it around start praying a little more and ‘Hey Siri-ing’ a little less. Just sayin’.

Pray this prayer, God please reveal to me the truth about what this crazy lady is trying to say.

To better understand why the Bible seems so confusing, why God seems so confusing, try this writing prompt; Describe to a person, either 3000 years in the future or 3000 years in the past, what the internet is. **Now, keep in mind the changes in language, and assume everything from today has virtually been destroyed or become moot.** Save your writing, set a date in your phone that is one month from today and allow a friend to read your prompt and see if they can guess what you are writing about. If they understand your writing and correctly guess that you have written about the internet, give yourself an ‘A’; if even one question arises as to what you might be trying to describe, you fail…

Food for thought. Be blessed.