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Picture me, the woman sitting alongside the internet super-highway, a vaguely familiar face, no name, no story, yet I tell every story, I hold a sign, it reads; “THE END IS HERE.” I blend in, I stand out, in one breath. A chill rises inside you as you come to realize, the four words I hold in my hand, are the only truth you’ve seen, to date(Tue., May 23, 2023, 00:36).

Thursday, May 25, 2023, 12:30 (”OH’CH” Says, Time Is Not relative, It’s Relevant.)


God please, Help.

”OH’CH” Says, “In the simplest way possible, the above three words describe literally everything wrong with not only our language but our world; twice. Below, I Will Say it, again and again, until it sinks in. You’re Welcome.”

Saturday, May 27, 2023, 21:21

I will provide all version’s as we walk back to the original. I recommend starting from > here < click to follow.

O.G.’s Proper Structure for Language (Modern English Version)


In Modern English the above is the simplest way to write, O’Chy”s spoken name. From it, literally, ALL ELSE is derived.

0. O’ = Space, Air, Paradigm of the Mother, Red
1. Chy’ = Time, Water, Paradigm of the Father, Orange
2. underline = a visual reminder; O’ and Chy’ are two independent, but married, clauses. Yellow.

O’Chy’ : > .

Chy’ entered O’. O’ bore Chy’ twins, sons. They are called Light and Dark.

O’Chy’ uses light and dark to animate EVERYTHING, O’Chy’ calls the animations earth.

3. : = Light and dark, Fire, paradigm of the masculine, green
4. > = O’Chy’ calls this sky. It is a visual reminder; 1- O’Chy’ is greater than EVERYTHING. 2- Light projects and cannot create. It’s blue.
5. . = all things animated, earth, paradigm of the feminine, purple

Monday, May 29, 2023, 20:23

O’Chy’ ‘ s Proper Word Order

This is O’Chy’ : > . .

O’Chy’ : > . speaks Ori’Gin.

O’Chy’ is the easy way to write or say, O’Chy’ : > . ‘s name. From it, all else is created.

0. O’ = Space, Air, The Mother, Red, Strawberries.
1. Chy’ = Time, Water, The Father, Orange, Ocean.
2. underline = a triple reminder; O’ and Chy’ are independent, married, clauses. Yellow. (a smell had not yet been given to me for this or the others.)

Chy’ entered O’. O’ Bore Chy’ sons. One is called Light, One is called Dark.

O’Chy’ speaks through Light and Dark to create all. O’Chy‘calls all creatures earth.

3. : = Light and Dark, Fire, the masculine, green.
4. > = O’Chy’ calls this sky, it has no gender, it is a triple reminder; 1- O’Chy’ is greater than creatures. 2- Light protrudes. 3- Light does not create. It’s Blue.
5. . = creatures, earth, the feminine, purple.

O’Chy’ ‘s 4 Fethres

1- O’Chy’ : > . is a living unit.
2- Creatures may not reorder, recreate, or personify any part of O’Chy’ : > . .
3- O’Chy’ : > . ‘ s creatures are created of two parts; a vowel or sound of O’, and a consonant or sound of Chy’.
4- Creatures may not take from O’Chy’ : > ., or other creatures.

To put into perspective, God please, Help., from above, written with knowledge of Ori’Gin, would read;
Chy’o’ : > .

O’Chy’ Says, “Knowledge of Ori’Gin and O’Chy”s 4 Fethres are the reason great pharaoh built pyramids. I told great pharaoh to show me he understood and he would continue to hear My voice. He forgot fethre 4, over and over…. Pharaoh’s pyramids were left as remnants, so were his numbers.”

Sunday, July 9, 2023, 16:49

In this version, obviously, I had better knowledge of the tiks (””””). These are called the ‘Sands of Time’, among other things. A reminder; ”OH”CH” loves all Their creatures, from the tiniest speck of dust, to the lowly tick, to the great blue whale! We write them in our language so we remember there’s a rhythm to life. All things, including every grain of sand, contribute to that rhythm. Even if something seems insignificant to us, remember, ”OH”CH” does not create mistakes, EVER! The tiks also serve a greater purpose, spacing out our words so we don’t go blind… Duh!

”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . ‘s Proper Word Order

es ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . .

”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . speaks ”O”ri”Gi’n’.

‘O’CH’Y’ is how to write ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . ‘s name.

It is said ‘Oh, Sh’.

From ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . ah es created.

”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . does not create mistakes.

”O” = 0., Space, Air, The Mother, Red, StrahbereeTz.
‘CH’Y’ = 1., Time, Water, The Father, Orange, Ocean.
underline = 2., ”O” and ‘CH’Y’ are independent, but geld, clauses. Yellow, Burnt Toast. (The word geld means connected or married. It smells like burnt toast, or burning metal to remind us this connection cannot be broken. Your soul is born geld to another. We will talk more about this in a separate article.)

‘CH’Y’ entered ”O”. ”O” bore ‘CH’Y’ sons. one called Light. One called Dark.

‘O’CH’Y’ speaks through Light and Dark to create ah. ‘O’CH’Y’ calls ah creatures earth.

: = 3., Light and Dark, green, citrus.
> = 4., ‘O’CH’Y’ calls this sky. It reminds us; 1- ‘O’CH’Y is greater than creatures. 2- Light protrudes. 3- Light does not create. It’s blue.
. = 5., earth, creatures, violet, dirt.

”’O’CH’Y”’ : > .”s” 4 Fet’res

1- ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . is a living unit.
2- Creatures are a creation of ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . and may not reorder, recreate, or personify any part of ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > .
3- ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > .”s” (< space snakes. We will talk about this when we discuss the language rules.) creatures are created of two sunds (sounds, sands,). A sund of ”O”. A sund of ‘CH’Y’.
4- Creatures may not take from ”’O’CH’Y”’ : > . or other creatures.

”’O’CH’Y”’ : > .”s” 3 pu’n”s”

pu’n of the mother – blood.
pu’n of the father – sweat.
pu’n of the creature – tears.

( pu’n is the word I was given for pain, it also means payment, geld or gold. )

Saturday, June 17, 2023, 14:17

Here I have gained greater knowledge of the angels, or angles ABCDEFGHIJⓀLMNOPRTUXY⅄. Angels guide your mouth and help us better hear the word’s we read. Yes, hear the word’s you READ. They are always capitalized, I will discuss this further in our lesson about the sounds of OriGin.

‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . ‘s Proper Word Order

es ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . .

‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . ”s”p⅄eⓀcI”s” O’ri”G’in.

”OH’CH” is how to write ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > .”s” name.

It is said Oh, Sh.

From ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . all else is created.

ah ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . creates es gud.

”O” = 0., ”S”p⅄a”s”, Er’e, MOTHer’e, Red, Strahber’e⅄eTz.
‘CH’ = 1., T⅄ime, Water, Father’e, Orange, Ocean.
___ = 2., ”O” and ‘CH’ are independent, but geld, clauses. Yellow, Burnt Toast.

‘CH’ entered ”O”. ”O” bore ‘CH’ sons. One called Lli⅄ht, One called darⓀcI.

”OH’CH” speaks through Lli⅄ht and darⓀcI to cr⅄ea⅄te ah.

”OH’CH” calls ah creatures erT’H.

: = 3., Lli⅄ght and darⓀcI, green, ”s”itru”s”.
> = 4., ”’OH’CH” calls this sⓀcIi⅄. sⓀcIi⅄ reminds us;
1- ”OH’CH” is greater than creatures.
2- Light projects.
3- Light doesn’t create.
It’s blue. It doesn’t smell.
. = 5., erT’H, creatures, v⅄i”O”let, dirt.

**All that is given above would be the head of the pyramid, or the all-seeing eye hovering above the pyramid on the almighty dollar.**

***Some elements were given a smell associated with it (i.e. – strawberries), the colors in order will reflect the colors of the rainbow, ROYGBV.***

‘A”’I”’OH’CH”’I”’ : > . ”’s” 4 Fet’re”s

(Fet’re”s”, this word means feathers, to help remember it was once drawn as a 4 or 7 feathered thunderbird. Remember your 4 fet’res, children would be told. Remember your forefathers will come to sound like a slap in the face, because I have been told, they know… The 4 feathers along with the 3 puns are what some native tribes refer to as 7 Feathers, the name they had given to God, to help them remember all I am telling you now.)

1- ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . is a Living Unit.

2- creatures are a living creation of ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . and may not reorder, recreate, or personify any part of ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . . (This includes reordering, recreating, and personification for the purpose of worship, better known as idolatry.)

3- ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > .”s” creatures are created of two sunds; a sund of ”O”, a sound of ‘CH’.

4- creatures may not take from ‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . , or other creatures.

‘A”’I’”OH’CH”‘I”’ : > . ‘s 3 pu’n”s’

Pu’n of mOTHer’e – blood.
Pu’n of faTHer’e – sweat.
Pu’n of cr⅄eTur – T⅄erTz

Friday, August 25, 2023, 04:05

Below you will see a handwritten example of where I am in the walk today! We are successfully and safely out of Egypt my people!! Will I get lost in the desert this time? Probably!

A couple of things;
1. This angel >’A'< cannot be written correctly with a computer, as you can see. ex: ”’A”I””OH”CH””⅄”I”’ : > .
2. The following words sound the same as they ever have; speaks = ”s”p⅄eⓀcI”s”; dark = darⓀcI; sky = sⓀcIi⅄. I understand the angels are confusing right now, in language they are silent, again, they only serve as guides. Yes, they are completely relevant and fully necessary.
3. I left the following line out of the writing below; ”OH’CH” speaks thru Lli⅄ht and darⓀcI t⅄u cr⅄ea⅄te ah. I did not do this intentionally, but as I said ”OH”CH” never makes mistakes, humans do, and that is precisely what keeps us coming back. If I did not notice this, I would walk forward feeling as if something was slightly off and I would not receive any new information until the mistake is corrected. If you don’t learn your lessons, you will be back! We will talk about this further when we get there.

Into the desert we go!

Sunday, September 3, 2023, 17:33

Proper Word Order

Proper Word Order

Wednesday, September 6, 2023, 11:41

Alright y’all, last one for now.. Let’s put it in to perspective!

This is ‘Oh, God’; ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫.

👵🏼 – She exists. You don’t remember losing your Mother to idolatry? (See Isaiah 50:1) We now call Her the Holy Ghost.. This is why we are to begin our prayer with ‘Oh, God’ or ‘Our, Father’, see the book of Jeremiah or the words of Jesus.
🧓🏽- Our Father.

”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 speaks Origin. One language.

From ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 all is created.

All ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 creates is good.

👵🏼 = 0., Space, Water, Mother, Red, Strawberries.
🧓🏽= 1., Time, Air, Father, Orange, Ocean.
__= 2., 👵🏼 and 🧓🏽 are independent, but married, clauses. Yellow, Burnt Toast. (Their connection smells like burnt toast to remind us that Their Bond Cannot be broken. This Connection Is Forged in Gold! Those who have ever done metal work will understand better than others. They can function independently but CHOOSE to be together for us.)

🧓🏽 entered 👵🏼. 👵🏼 bore 🧓🏽 sons. One called light(sun), one called dark(moon).

”’👵🏼”🧓🏽”’ speaks through light and dark to create all. (We are vibrating dust, animated by light.)

In case you forgot from above, All ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 creates is good.

🌞/🌚 = 3., light and dark, green, citrus. (The hottest fire burns green. Start a bonfire, do not use an accelerator, i.e. gasoline, close your eyes, sniff the air. You will smell something that smells almost like lime.)
<sky>= 4., ”’👵🏼”🧓🏽”’ calls this sky. Sky reminds us;
1- ”’👵🏼”🧓🏽”’ is greater than all creatures, especially YOU!
2- Sky projects light.
3- Sky does not create.
It’s blue. It does not smell.
🌎/👫= 5., earth, creatures, violet, dirt.

**Before ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 gives to you the 4 feathers or 4 rules you will be asked to demonstrate, repeatedly, your understanding of the above.

”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫”s” 4 Rules

1- ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 is a living unit. (Of which you are a part of.)
2- All creatures are a creation of ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 and may not reorder, recreate, or personify any part of ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫. (Including for the purposes of worship… Art is different, we will talk about that another day.)
3- ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫”s” creatures are created of two parts or sounds. A sound or part of 👵🏼. A sound or part of 🧓🏽.
4- Creatures may not take from ”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫 or other creatures. (Moses first wife cheated. ‘Thou shall not commit adultery’, ‘Thou shall not covet’, ‘Thou shall not steal’, ‘Thou shall not murder’, all are derived from this rule, Do Not Take… Just fyi.)

**Again, you will be asked to demonstrate an acute understand of these rules before you can move forward. ”’👵🏼”🧓🏽”’ will say to you “Make a cross.” You will make this cross everyday until you are told to stop… For the pharaoh’s the cross was a pyramid, ⚄, viewed from the top a pyramid looks like the number 5 on dice. Connect the dots from corner to corner and it looks like an X, or a cross. Pharaoh, as we know, built his pyramids on slave labor, as I said above. He took the lives of others to make his cross. And ”’👵🏼”🧓🏽”’ Said to Pharaoh, “You will be back to learn your lessons.”, just like ”’👵🏼”🧓🏽”’ will say to you if you violate one of the 4 rules. Pharaoh took this to mean he would come back to the same body which is why they buried themselves with all their treasures, this is actually what led to the entirety of the Egyptians views on death. They became obsessed with mummification because they missed the point. If you don’t learn these 4 rules, you will be back, but you start at the beginning, as a baby. We will talk more about this later.

”’😇”😇””👵🏼”🧓🏽””😇”😇”’🌞/🌚 <sky> 🌎/👫”s” 3 Costs/Payments/Pains

Payment of the mother is blood.
Payment of the father is sweat.
Payment of the creature is tears.

The cost of your existence is blood, sweat and tears. Please refer to the book of Genesis.

**Guess who just graduated from the Fine Print?! Me!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾😭 Holy Moses! When I get back to the Original I will update it one last time!

”’A”I’”’OH”CH””⅄”I”’ : > . + 4 fet’res + 3 pains = 8 principles. This is how Biblical law is given, or so I’m told.

I will show y’al as ”A”I’”’OH”CH””⅄”I”’ : > . has shown me, we have allowed all that is wrong with society to be written in, by stealing and misinterpreting the language God Designed for us.

Wonder why kids are shooting each other up? Two reasons;
1- video games.
2- a.) < we call that a bullet-point… Really and truly bullet points have been a detriment to society. This is all kids see, literally, all day, at school and in play. I know it sounds crazy, or maybe it doesn’t?

Soon we will walk through every law and you will see how it was derived from these 8 principles, and really, only one, ”A”I’”’OH”CH””⅄”I”’ : > . .

My task, to walk us back to OriGin. It might take me 40 years, truly. In the meantime, if y’al find this and you believe, sing the old songs, pray and practice silence.

Stay Tuned, more to come…