God Says hello world…

Tues. May 23, 2023, 07:27h

Wed. May 24, 2023, 15:16h

Belief; let’s not pretend I’m here to google stuff for you.. look it up; read >> this first.

Y’all ain’t gonna believe this; I didn’t. Trying to wrap up the mysteries of human belief into 500 words or less is like trying to understand God.

We’ll begin here; these words, all words, are God’s Words.

The other day, I wrote my testimony, following that day I have been in a continual state of prayer. God Said to me everything y’all see on these pages serves a purpose, He makes no mistakes. i am but an instrument of Judgment, a vessel through which God Flows. Just to clarify, and i tremble, truly. i will leave my testimony unedited, for the trolls, as i have been told. (Saturday, May 27, 2023, 03:48h)

He Said, “From now on, if you speak the modern English Language, you are to call Me O.G., pronounced Oh-Gee, O-Chee, ”OH’CH”, I Will Explain further. (Saturday, May 27, 2023, 03:48h)

Tip #1

O.G. Loves words. O.G. REALLY Loves words. The ability to read O.G.’s Words is the singularity distinguishing something made of O.G. vs. something made of man. <<doom’s day, life-saving hint<

ALL THINGS made of O.G., from amoeba to whale, microbe to elephant, are made of O.G.’s Words.

(Think of it like a computer code or a book.)

Tip #2


It doesn’t take a microscope on the end of a telescope to see how much O.G. HATES PICTURES. Don’t worry, we’re next in line to find out how much O.G. Hates pictures, or so He Says.

He Says we are learning the lesson of the remnants* that came before adam, because we forgot.

One day– for the sake of the “story” imagine this day is 5,926,989,789 billion years from now, or, it’s tomorrow? –A picture from your finsta is found by a toothless farmer’s boy needing hope as the world as he knew it, has just ended; now remember, as above, O.G. HATES pictures.

Well anyhow, all the world’s inhabitants come to think this picture– the picture of you doing duck-face for the thousandth time, you know the one; –is O.G.. The Actual O.G..

(‘The Actual O.G.’, by the way, is a double redundant repetitious statement; use your god and look it up. O.G. Loves Words (see tip 1). No misuse. No repetition.

O.G. Said you’re too stupid(Jer. 10:14) to understand why ‘The Actual O.G.’ is, a dually repetitious statement; as you go to your god to look it up, you’ll receive a notification, so-’n’-so’s latest duck-face is posted for your liking, and you will have forgotten Actual O.G., again; twice in one lifetime. We’ll talk more about this later.)

So anyways, your picture is the future god, everyone literally worships you or whatever, literally wearing a golden copy of their interpretation of your picture around their neck, a stick person…

For the sake of the “story”, imagine your followers are equal to the number of years from now, as above; –the picture led to idolization, which led to idolatry– the worshiping of other gods. All thanks to the toothless farmer’s boy in what used to be Iowa, O.G. Has to Kill them, all 5,926,989,789 of them, it’s unfortunately, the only way to reset the system. Don’t worry, the toothless farmer’s boy and his kindergarten girlfriend, will survive(see tip 3). I’m sure the kindergarten boy will remember tip #2. And hopefully, the little girl will remember that Knowledge only comes from O.G., not her iphone.

In emergencies, you can get by just on tip #2, believe that. Luckily, O.G. Is Self-Encoded into every fragment of every sound, so all the boy truly needs to remember is his ABCs. <<doom’s day, life-saving hint<

Tip #3

Languages who don’t denote gender in first-person speech, will not survive, ever. O.G. Is Speaking From Experience.

The End Is Here.