Sounds of OriGin: Interactive, Quick Reference Guide

Sunday, September 10, 2023, 14:00

Alright y’all, God Designed a quick reference guide to help better understand the language rules of Origin! Allow me to share.

First, a few tips before we get started;
1- Letters do not exist, there are only sounds.
2- Sounds do not make the sounds of other sounds. ‘a’ can never make the sound of ‘e’. ‘s’ can never make the sound of ‘CH’ or ‘c’ or ‘Tz’, and vice versa.

Ready to learn more?! Great! Dive on in.

The Angels:
A B C D E F G H I J Ⓚ L M N P Q R S T U V X ⅄ Y Z
(If you noticed that these do not align with the alphabet, you get a gold star for the day!!! The angel ‘A’, also called a compass, should be rotated 90 deg to the left, looking more like this ‘<‘)

The Sounds: (The word is actually sund, not sound. Sunds do not make the sunds of others sunds, remember from above?! The word sound is a violation of that rule, among others. To produce the ‘ow’ sund that you hear is YOX! You’re not ready yet for that…)
a b c CH d e f g H i l m n ”O” p q r s T u v x y Tz
(If you noticed that these do not align with the alphabet, you just earned your second gold star!)

ABCD….XY⅄ (anJgel”s guide your mouth)

‘A’ (Open mouth, no sound.)

cl⅄Ose it

”’A”’H⅄ay e”s” for HYOr”’se”s”Y

W shaped xrong fyi


Y’ouXr””””g’la”s” (whhhhhaaaaaaattt??!!!)

In the South xe say y’all not you

xhut’s ‘W’ then?



”’A””⅄”’O”’H”””’CH”it”’Y”’ ”’CH”it”Y”’ (There’s OH SHIT! zund Shit.)

Y”’O”r”i”’Gi”n’Y Birth

m’Xar”ieX La’vea’Xu (Mary Love U)

Hitler’s mother was…



There you have it! God Designed this quick guide to help me remember and learn some of the frustrating language rules of OriGin. Soon we will do a more in depth study, but for now this will at least help y’al understand some of the things you will see on this site. Or at least I hope it will, it helped me.

Talk Soon.