The 4 Horsemen and Beast of Doom

Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 11:36

Who wants to talk about the beast and the four horsemen of the apocalypse?

Scary stuff, trust me I know. Well, maybe we should have listened better when we were warned.

Hur is the OriGin word for death. This word translates best to ‘without hearing’. You will come to realize in OriGin hearing is central to life. A person can be deaf but can still hear God’s voice. So please do not substitute this word for one who is deaf, hur means ‘one who is dead’.

A hur”s” is a vehicle that transports death. The four hur”s”men are harbingers of death. Nothing you didn’t, sort of, already know, right? Allow me, if you will, to explain it from a linguistic perspective.

A hur”s”men is something that will show up in society when the language is being misused, misheard, or misunderstood. They show up to let the scribes know how to fix what’s broken within any society. An example of a hur”s”men is dyslexia, another is ADHD. I move to have the latter classified as a syndrome, I will discuss why in a separate article. No, dyslexia and ADHD are not an apocalyptic hur”s”men, but left unchecked any of the hur”s”men can bring doom.

I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat by now, so let’s get to it! Here we go; The 4 hur”s”men of the Apocalypse.

#1 The Trump Train (False Prophets)

I don’t care where you fall on the political spectrum, if you think that a man who intentionally incites violence, hates any race that isn’t white, prefers his women young, broke and foreign, and is part of a branch of Christianity that has an income minimum, YOU DIDN’T LISTEN IN SUNDAY SCHOOL!

Then you make churches based on his principals and erect giant “golden” statues of him to place in front of your churches based on his principles, principles based in hate! YOU DIDN’T LISTEN IN SUNDAY SCHOOL. A good portion of Christian churches today avidly and openly support this man! Making them all false prophets. Christians are the leading cause of atheism. If there is a reward for bringing souls to God, imagine the “reward” for turning them away…

#2 Twin Boom

At the fall of any society there will be a sudden boom in twins. And more often than not the twins will be boy/girl twins instead of same sex twins, why you wonder? Just in case the world needs to be repopulated from just two, it’s best if they come from the same bloodline. A little secret, most people who are truly in love and end up getting married are likely related, somewhere down the line.

#3 Trans-humanism

Do I have to go into detail with this one? Please don’t confuse trans-humanism with trans-genderism, we will talk about that next. Trans-humanists desire to integrate humans with stuff. Things like chair pants, a phone inside your hand, bionic body parts, are just a few of the trans-humans ideologies. We are not meant to be our stuff. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

#4 Trans-genderism

Ok my sweet angels, please don’t take offense to this. Remember in the Sounds of OriGin Interactive Guide I said, “…sounds do not make the sounds of other sounds…” Well this is why, you are why. From my perspective y’all made a special contract with God, someone had to blare the trumpets that would let the scribes know how to put it back together, to put us back together. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for your lives. Sounds cannot make the sounds of other sounds, period.

Picture the potato chip scene; ‘Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pringles’, ‘FunYun Ruffles’, ‘Flamin’ Hot Sour Cream and Cheddar Cheetos’, ‘Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Doritos Lays’, ‘Cheetos Cheez-its’, ‘Cool Ranch Bugels’, ‘Flamin’ Hot Spicy Nacho Doritos Ruffles with a hint of limon..’, have I made my point?!

Look, you are not to blame transgender people, they are here for a reason as are you. Your instruction from God regarding the trans-folk, “Leave them alone! I love them! I made them!” Live out your lives sweet angels! Maybe step out of the spotlight, but just keep on being you until you ain’t got no breath left. Thank you brave souls. I have wayyyyyyyy more to say about this. But I am going to let that be enough for now.

Guess what?! We have inadvertently triggered a 5th hur”s”men!

Bonus: Throuples and Threeways

When we get to a point where sounds can do whatever they want with no rules, there is a sudden boom in throuples!!! A throuple is when Adam, Eve and Steve cohabitate, committing to forever love the other two just as Jezebel intended… I’m not going to get into this one right now, because I ain’t got nothing nice to say, and I don’t want my mouth washed out with soap 🙂

There you have it, the 4 hur”s”men.

Oh, you’re right, the beast. First let me explain. When the beast was predicted, the scribe of the time,– i.e., the one y’all call Jesus –did not know what the beast would look like because the words, or the things themselves did not exist. When God is telling us bits of the future it comes out as a riddle, just as the beast came out like a riddle in Jesus’ day. Well, now we have the words, now those things exist. Allow me to unmask the Beast that has puzzled scholars and readers alike for the last few thousand years.

The Beast

1. Ali Baba
2. Amazon
3. All things Elon Musk
4. Black Rock Incorporated
5. Google
6. Meta
7. Walmart

These are the seven heads of the beast!

Ok that’s all for now, talk soon.