Don’t Write Like the Disciples

Monday, September 18, 2023, 12:28

Surely you’ve heard it said, “One can tell a lot about a person by their name.” Nameology is a real science! In fact, all we are to God is our name, written in His most favorite Book, The Book of Life. We are less than this actually, the Bible tells us we are a breath, a vapor, we are nothing more than the breath it takes to say our name. We can be the delightful breath on the back end of a tootsie pop, or we can be the flame filled vapor of an extra spicy Mexican food belch, the choice is up to us.

Back to the point; a lot can be derived about a person from their name, the truth, we can tell the most about a person from how one writes their own name. Allow me to show you how the Disciples wrote their names and how this ultimately led to their deaths, and most specifically, it tells us how they died. This blew my mind, everything God Shows me blows my mind but this especially.

Ok first let me say, before I had even the slightest inkling where God was sending me, He had me write down the following, and SUPER GLUE IT TO MY COMPUTER…

On 3/11/23 I wrote;

Peter – crucified – Jesus BFF?!
James – beheaded (?) (Herod Order)
Jesus good friend > recorded – death by sword
John (not the baptist) – Jesus good friend
– OLD AGE! (wrote revelations?)
Andrew – Disciple of John the Baptist
-crucified on ‘X’ shaped cross (St. Andrew’s cross)
-preached for 3 days as he hung
Philip – Natural Causes – stoned – crucified upside down(?), or beheaded
Judas – betrayer of Jesus – hung himself, fell on his sword
Matthew – Beheaded, stoned, or burned
Thomas – pierced w/ a lance in India
Bartholomew – Flayed alive, beheaded (the other James?)
Jude/Thadeus – maybe Jesus Brother
Simon – The zealot(?) – crucified – sawed in half (?)
Mathias – after Judas – Obscure

I know you’re wondering how any of their names could possibly relate to their deaths, stick with me..

So there I was, writing out the Fine Print for what felt like the millionth time, in reality it was probably the 10th, lol! Imagine ”OH”CH” as a Teacher, a German Grammar Teacher. If you’re wrong They will roll Their eyes and say “Es Fyn” (fyn is not the correct way to write the word fine, and this is the visual They will impart on your brain, S. Fyn), or They will say, “Throw it away, do it again.” (Really?! You might say. They will say “Es fyn.”), or They will hit you with a language rule, for example; “Don’t be like Matthew.”, or “Careful, that’s how Thomas died…”.

So there I was, like I said, writing the Fine Print for the millionth time, when God Said to me, “Don’t be like Matthew.” What was I doing wrong? And how do the Disciples relate to how I am writing the Fine Print? Let me show you, beginning with Peter.


  • Peter’s name originally was Cephas or Simon, Jesus gave him the name Petros or Peter because to Jesus, Peter was His rock, and would be the foundation of the new church.
  • Peter denied knowing Jesus, and denied Jesus’ gifts, three times. Following Jesus’ death, Peter felt so guilty for denying any association with Jesus he committed to teaching others the ways of OriGin just as Jesus did. He was later killed by crucifixion.
  • There is no language rule here only karma…


  • James was the brother of John the not-baptist; they both grew up with Jesus, and knew him better than his own brothers.
  • King Herod ordered James’ death and is the only recorded death of a Disciple in existence.
  • He mostly had it right, but he went back and forth with this rule; j’ is not a sound in the OriGin language. (Please consult the OriGin Quick Guide.)To achieve the sound you hear in the word James you must add the anJgel we call a hook ‘J’. For example; Jga⅄mesY. < This is the correct way to write James.
  • Sometimes James wrote his name like this gJ⅄ames. gJ nearly always guarantees one’s death by critical head injury. Can you see how the shape of the sound ‘g’ looks like a floating head? Always remember not to hook the head, as in gJ.


  • James’ brother and also Jesus’ childhood friend.
  • Be like John!
  • John died of OLD AGE!!!!
  • He understood the teachings of Jesus exquisitely and helped many others understand as well.
  • He wrote his name like this; JgaHnY. (To better understand some of these rules please consult the OriGin Quick Guide, a full language lesson is coming soon!)


  • Andrew was originally a Disciple of John the Baptist.
  • He was very convicted in his beliefs. And he was almost right… It’s important to remember, if the language is wrong, everything else will come out wrong.
  • He struggled the most with these two anJgels, X & ⅄. (Please consult the OriGin Quick Guide to better understand.)
  • He wrote his name like this; YandruX. The correct way to write his name is Yandru⅄.
  • He didn’t trust himself, he didn’t fully trust God therefore God didn’t trust him with the language.
  • He was crucified on an ‘X’ shaped cross, so convinced he was right, he lived for three days on that cross, preaching all the while, bless his heart.


  • This one is interesting because his cause of death is a subject for debate.
  • If Philip died of natural causes then he wrote his name like this; Felip.
  • If he was stoned to death he wrote his name something like this; ”’P”hil””ip”’. The tiks should not be high, they should appear more central to the word. Good ole Phil would have had too many things flying at his head if we imagine the ‘P’ as a head with a long neck.
  • If he was beheaded then he wrote his name like this;
  • (the beheader of Philip is the ‘h’)
  • If he was crucified upside down then it is because he has a Greek name! The Greek language was stolen by someone who stole from an OriGin scribe! In the Greek language, I can at best tell that many of the anJgels are upside down. The principles of the language are similar, as I can imagine they would be. God Designed language just so; it can be stolen, twisted, turned, read backwards, forwards, sideways, down ways, the base principles will still emerge, but the societies these languages form, will often crumble, or remain stuck in a worthless land.


  • Judas is the betrayer of Jesus.
  • Judas was also a zealot, a prominent businessman who would do anything for money.
  • Judas sold Jesus out to the group of people who would become the modern day Jews. (Again, forgiveness is key, you don’t want to come back to learn the forgiveness lesson, trust me.) Judah is not the father of Judaism, Judas is… We will definitely talk more about this another day. Judah is a tribe of Israel, not the other way around. Judah comes from the line of David. If you want to claim Judah as your raining father that’s totally fine, please do not confuse people and claim that 144,000 of Jgu’s guys, the tribe of Judah will remain after the cataclysm, only 12,000 of the tribe of Judah will remain, this is the same for the other 11 tribes, of which you are not a part of, as y’all come from Judah, right?! Also, Israel was not meant to be a place. Israel is the name God gave to Jacob, it translates to ‘Man of God’, as the name for our people it means ‘People of God’, or ‘God’s People’.
  • Back to Judas. So the Jewish folk had already witnessed some of God’s miracles through Jesus during his travels in their cities. They became very intrigued and wanted the knowledge for, themselves. Finally they found a Disciple they could buy; Judas! The problem(s); Judas did not understand the Jgu trik, he also struggled with X vs. ⅄. Remember, I said God does this to protect the language; now you see why. The Jews bought the triks, stole Jesus’ book, research and writings, and turned Jesus over to the Romans.
  • Judas wrote his name like this; gJuXdas. He hung himself, gJ, please see the Disciple James from above.
  • The correct way to write Judas name is; Jgu⅄dasY (when you have more than 1 anJgel helping within a word, an anJgel at the end is required to let us know how to pronounce the last syllable.)


  • Matthew was a zealot, a tax collector; zealot is the word once used for a materialistic business owner. He truly fell in agape love with Jesus. Truly truly.
  • Matthew wanted very badly to attain redemption for the life he had previously led as a zealot. At the end of the day, he didn’t quite hit the mark and he couldn’t shake the zealot mindset. Because of this Matthew liked to hear himself talk about Jesus more than he enjoyed preaching the teachings of Jesus. Some might say he subconsciously used Jesus to boost his own ego.
  • Unfortunately Matthew is part of the reason we have strayed so far from the path. I’ll explain further another day.
  • If Matthew was beheaded, he wrote his name like this; MaTTHew
  • This is one of the reasons we don’t do doubles, the double ‘TT’ ‘tt’ is called a guillotine. (see the handwriting sample below.)
  • If he was stoned he wrote his name something like this; ”’Ma”’TT”’Hew””.
  • If he was burned alive his name was spelled like this; Mathieu.
    • ‘Hi’ is a sound for fire.


  • Thomas also really loved Jesus and traveled far and wide to preach the gospel in Jesus name.
  • His last known location was India.
  • Helpful hint; the ‘th’ in the cannot produce the ‘th’ sound in the.
  • The ‘th’ sound in the is a popular sound in the languages of India; a result of the cataclysm. We are all going to learn more about that because it will soon happen again. The Eastern Indians are actually the remnants of the civilization prior to Adam and Eve. The Sentinelese Islanders are the remnants from India who also survived the flood. We will talk A LOT more about this.
  • Now, back to Thomas; Jesus taught him to write his name like this; TYomas.
  • Thomas was pierced in India with a lance because the Eastern Indians convinced him he was wrong and he should actually write his name like this; Thomas. (please see the handwriting sample below.)
  • As you can see, the letter ‘h’ pierces the letter ‘T’.
  • Thomas was indeed pierced with a lance in India, it was however an accident, India loved Thomas and they loved his teaching.


  • Little is known about this Disciple, and we can only speculate about his death. Rumor has it he may have been flayed alive due to his limited understanding of the anJgels. If that’s true it’s because he wrote his name something like this; bYarTHIOYlYOImXu 🙂 The highlighted portion is most likely what got him flayed. I will come back to why when we do a full language rules lesson.
  • Personally I think he was beheaded in spite of writing his name correctly because his name is just a difficult sell when it comes to OriGin, see for yourself; bYarThOIYlYOImu⅄. It’s quite simply… annoying! Be careful what y’all name your kids.


  • Jude was possibly one of Jesus’ brothers, therefore he was raised according to the same OriGin teachings. It would not have mattered if he wrote his name correctly; Jgu⅄deY. They would have martyred him anyway because of his relationship to Jesus. Any time OriGin emerges the powers who lead will do ANYTHING to stop it. This usually amounts to “martyring”– which is the fancy way of saying ‘slaughtering in the name of‘… –all members of the family of the prophet.


  • Simon was a zealot, an entrepreneur of sorts. Similarly to Matthew in that he really loved Jesus and believed in his teachings, he couldn’t escape the stronghold of materialism and other devilish things.
  • Simon was crucified by being sawed in half. If that’s true, he wrote his name something like this; s⅄im””Ion.
  • Tiks and Gates (I) are a hard lesson. Poor guy was doomed.


  • Mathias replaced Judas. Little is known about this Disciple, even less is known about his death.
  • Considering what may have gotten Mathieu burned, (please see Matthew above.) I would be willing to bet that Mathias death likely had something to do with fire.

Not to sound morbid, but I hope y’al enjoyed learning a little more about the Disciples and also OriGin.

Talk Soon.